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Julian Layn plays piano in Stockholm

Published July 13, 2013

Julian Layn plays his custom solo piano in Hötorget, Stockholm in July the 13th. Stereoscopic 3D video with binaural sound - use headphones for best directionality. 60 frames per second.

Also includes the Deshaker log file for real time stabilization in Oculus Rift / VRPlayer.

Recommended VRPlayer view settings:

  • Tracker: Oculus Rift

  • Media format: Side by Side

  • Distortion: None (the video itself already has fisheye)

  • Projection: Planar, ratio 1.7777

  • FOV: 75

  • Horizontal Offset: 72

Recorded with:
- 3Dio Free Space Pro microphone
- 2 x Sony HDR-AS15 camera (in stereo array)
- Zoom H1 audio recorder
- Edited in Vegas Movie Studio

Audio/Visual sound, color
Language Swedish


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